How We Buy

Our Buying Process

Quality service starts with quality buying; therefore we take our buying process very seriously. Each season we see all products in every category from every vendor. Only those products that meet our standards and that we feel would best meet the needs of our customers are selected.



The proper fit is the most important factor when purchasing new running shoes.

We begin by asking questions about customer’s shoes and activity.

We assess foot shape and basic mechanics.

Then we offer several shoe choices to assess fit, feel and stability. To fit the shoe properly it is important that our trained sales staff watch you run or walk on our in-store runway. By observing your gait our staff can better assess how each shoe you try works for your foot type and running style. We find this to be critical when helping you determine the best shoes for your running or walking.

South Sound Running offers a 30 day refit guarantee on shoes.



The running apparel industry often emphasizes an item’s fashion appeal over how it performs on the run.

South Sound Running only selects apparel that is engineered to meet the needs of the runner. Our focus is on providing technical solutions for the difficult Northwest climate. South Sound Running stays abreast of all new fabrics and technologies that will best suit your needs.

We recognize the value of looking and feeling like a runner. We truly believe that form should follow function.



The right accessories can provide an easy and inexpensive solution to common, but often overlooked, problems


Hats & Gloves

GPS Watches

Nutrition & Hydration



South Sound Running is proud to carry products from the following companies:

Nike  –  New Balance  –  Asics  –  Saucony  –  Brooks  –  Mizuno  –  The North Face  –  Sugoi  –  Ultimate Direction –  Superfeet  –  Timex  – Garmin  –  Gu  –  Amphipod – Thorlo  –  Features  –  Kneed –  Clif Bar  –  Nuun  – Tailwind  –  ProBar  –  Nathan  –  Body Glide  –  Strassburg Medical  –  Biosoft  –  CurrexSole  –  Sofsole  – Mace –  Pro-Tec  – Tiger Tail – The Stick